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Founded in November 2011 by Souvik Ganguly, the firm comprises of young and energetic lawyers and professionals. LAW DESK INDIA is a well recognized, reputed, legalistic approached, skilled and professionally managed law firm based in Kochi, Kerala, India. Seth Associates is a leading law firm that provides a spectrum of legal services to its domestic and international clients, which include multinational public and private companies and other corporate entities. We advise Indian and multinational companies, funds, banks and financial institutions, founders of companies, management teams, international law firms, domestic and international investment banks, financial advisors and government agencies in various transactions in and outside India. Labour laws in India are enacted both by the Central and State Government with some overlap between the two in implementation. In 2020/2021, the Indian Government has subsumed over 29 Central laws and corresponding State laws into four major Labour Codes, with the aim to simplify, modernise and restructure the current regime and increase the ease of doing business in India.

REAL ESTATE DOCUMENTATION : Legal scrutinizing the all documents related with property are essential procedure in India for avoiding all complication, threat and risk involved with the property. Be considerate with the procedure. The simplest way to discover whether or not these non-traditional creditors tend to be lawful loan providers is as simple as checking out their own organizations by way of Better Business Bureau (Better business bureau) directory – an ideal way to obtain totally free critiques regarding their own enterprise background and information, to enable you to evaluate their own trustworthiness according to their own Better business bureau rankings. However, at times things do not turn out as per expectation making some kids not to be able to speak as fluently as others. Statutory recognition to the concept of Fixed-Term employment making provision for similar working conditions and benefits as regular employees. Uniform definition of wages across all Codes making it easier for employers to structure the salary break-up and also provide for a proportional composition of fixed salary and variable components/allowances. Promotion of compliance rather than penalising employers.

India over the years has had a multitude of laws governing labour and employment which has usually made compliance very arduous for businesses but has usually provided a fair amount of protection to employees. Threshold for permission for hire and fire and for having mandatory employment policies registered has been increased to 300 workers. The IRC has been the most contentious legislation with workmen and trade unions in India believing that their existing rights have been curtailed and more benefits provided to the employer since threshold limits for applicability in terms of working conditions and termination have been increased and their right to strike without due notice having been more firmly regulated. Students are having hard time to schedule their studies against other activities and home chores. That time has long since been over. Nashville, TN; March 9th, 2016: Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment is a one-stop restaurant equipment supply store with over 200 equipment manufacturers on their portfolio.

Piers Morgan signs a new deal with his first boss, Rupert Murdoch. Tax lawyers not only deal with their clients, but they also work for govt. In addition, Acuity Law has in-depth experience and expertise in rendering legal, tax and regulatory advice in the Japan-India business corridor. But not every law firm has accepted the trend. The firm has a dedicated team of professionals including lawyers, Intellectual property experts, technical experts, chartered accountants and Information technology consultants, with the specific industry expertise, resources and commitment required to meet all client requirements. IPR LAW FIRM IN INDIA : LAW DESK INDIA is a full service Intellectual Property Law Firm in India, providing quality legal services exclusively customized to congregate the requirements of both inbound and outbound clients. Thus Intellectual Property refers to creation of mind such as inventions, designs for industrial articles, literary, artistic work, symbols which are ultimately used in commerce. Intellectual Property is the Property, which has been created by exercise of Intellectual Faculty. The intellectual property is classified into seven categories i.e . Intellectual Property rights allow the creators or owners to have the benefits from their works when these are exploited commercially. The Code on Social Security, 2020 (“SS Code”) combines and repeals nine laws that were primarily employee social welfare legislation and seeks to create a comprehensive social security system to provide retirement, health, old-age, disability, unemployment and maternity benefits to a vast majority of the population.

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